Thank you for renting a self-storage unit

Next, follow these three steps to finalize the rental and get access to your unit.

You will get an SMS and an email with a link to sign the rental agreement shortly.

You can sign the agreement with your online bank credentials.

We suggest you download the app you need to open the storage building doors and your unit door at this point.

You will get an access code you put in the Noke app on the day your rental agreement starts.

If you chose to start the agreement today, you will get an SMS shortly.

Otherwise, the SMS will be sent to you the day your rental agreement starts.

Download Key Application (App)

The Storage Smart Entry by Nokē application allows you to seamlessly access the storage building and your storage unit with your smartphone.

You don’t need to worry about losing a key. 

You can share access to your unit via the app easily so family members, co-workers, and others can use the storage unit as well.

The app is used to open the building doors as well, so you can conveniently enter the building 24 hours a day.