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Rent a storage space for short or long-term needs in Kangasala

Units sizes start from 2m² up to 10m². Minimum rental time is 1 month.

Quick and easy rental process!

Rent a storage space for short or long-term needs in Kangasala

Unit sizes start from 2m² up to 10m². Minimum rental time is 1 month.

Quick and easy rental process!

What is a mini storage?

At our facilities, you can rent your own dedicated space to store your belongings, whether you’re a homeowner needing extra room or a business looking for secure inventory storage.

Choose from various unit sizes, from smaller 2m² units to spacious 10m² units, to suit your needs.

With self-storage, you can access your unit whenever you like, allowing you to organize, retrieve, or add items at your own pace.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a safe and secure environment, with options for climate-controlled storage and advanced security measures to protect your valuables.

Same day access

Rent a unit now and get access in 15 minutes or less. You can move in right away.

Rent online

Go through our quick and easy rental process and sign the rental contract with a digital signature.

Phone as a key

Download our app and use your phone as a key to open your storage unit.

Safe & secure

Storage building is locked and has security cameras and a security system in place.

Heated storagege

All units are temperature controlled to keep the your belonging in perfect shape.

Free parking

Our tenants can park for free in front of the storage building.

How to rent a mini storage?

Book and pay for your storage space on our website. 

We will then prepare a rental agreement for you within a few minutes. Add your signature and you will automatically have access to your storage space in our secure building monitored by cameras.

Choose exactly the size you want, and we will help you every step of the way until your things are safely in your storage room!

What our customers have to say



Very clean, modern. A simple, convenient way to store things.




Perfect experience. The rental process was fully automated, easy to access 24/7 and i was safely able to store my belongings for the time required. Price for the storage was also very affordable. Absolutely recommended!




Nice, clean and safe for storing things. Thanks to their app, access to your storage unit is guaranteed regardless of the time of day, which makes the service particularly convenient and cool.  Excellent access for drivers, there is a parking lot in front of the building.




Everything you want from a storage, and a bit more. Storage is clean and secure, the access system great and it is very easy to reach (especially with the cart/equipment at the location). But most of all the service is very nice and personal.




A very positive experience. There is a large selection of storage units. We rented an 8m2 unit. The warehouse was very clean, the necessary equipment for carrying things was available on site, and access to the warehouse through the phone meant that you can access things at any time if necessary.




A very good solution for storing things. The service is fast, helpful and very friendly!


Download Key Application (App)

The Storage Smart Entry by Nokē application allows you to seamlessly access the storage building and your storage unit with your smartphone.

You don’t need to worry about losing a key. 

You can share access to your unit via the app easily so family members, co-workers, and others can use the storage unit as well.

The app is used to open the building doors as well, so you can conveniently enter the building 24 hours a day.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about payments, tenancies and the tenancy period.

The minimum rental period is 1 month. You can rent a unit for as long as you want.

You can use a storage unit for short-term and long-term needs.

You can cancel your lease by loggin in to My account or contact our customer service and we will register your request in the system. Just remember that you have to give us 30 days notice.

You can use online bank payment and credit / debit card.

The rent is paid monthly. You will get a reminder to pay the rent.

If you pay with Stripe (credit or debit card), the payments will be automatic.

The first months rent is paid when you book a unit.

Yes, you can visit the building and see units you would like.

Send us a message and we will arrange a visit.

Basically you can store everything that you would store in your home, garage or yard. Nothing flammable or hazardous is allowed.

Kaavakuja – 10m²

Example: 4 beds, two sofas, 50 boxes, tables, chairs, miscellaneous things, two bikes.
Price is 239€ / month

Kaavakuja – 8m²

Example: 2 beds, two sofas, 50 boxes, tables, chairs, miscellaneous things, two bikes.
The price is 199€ / month

Kaavakuja – 4m²

Example: a bed, a sofa, 20 boxes, a table, chairs, miscellaneous things, a bike.
The price is 109€ / month

Kaavakuja – 2m²

Example: 10-15 boxes, miscellaneous things, a bike.
The price is 59€ / month

Why Choose Us?

Safe And Secure

Our location is always locked and has several security cameras to watch over your belongings.

Clean Storage

Say goodbye to a dusty attic and say hello to a heated storage space exactly the size you want.

Free Parking

To ensure more convenient access, our tenants always have free parking to visit their smart warehouse.

Temperature Control

We have both temperature controlled rooms and unheated garages.

Do you need even more space?

We Have a Solution for You!