The price is 199€ / month
The price is 199€ / month

Kaavakuja – 8m²


Kaavakuja 6, Kangasala


24 hour access

Unit height


DOOR size

100cm x 210cm

An 8 m² storage unit can hold about 140 standard-sized boxes.

It is an excellent size to accommodate the furnishings of a three-room apartment.

Example: 2 beds, two sofas, 50 boxes, tables, chairs, miscellaneous things, two bikes.

The price is 199€ / month

About this storage Unit

What can you store in a self-storage unit?

1. Fill in your contact information and choose the start date for the rental agreement. You can choose 21 days in advance.

2. Sign the contract online and pay your first month’s rent.

3. You get access to your storage unit about 5 minutes after payment.

The price is 199€ / month

Storage building features

The building is one floor and easy to access. You can park in front of the building. There is a convenient ramp to move your belongings inside with a trolley.

You can access and visit the storage building 24 hours a day. You can open the doors with your phone.

Front door size

Height: 205cm, width: 135cm

Avalable tools

Platform trolley and standard trolley


Security cameras inside and outside. Motion sensors inside all units

Temperature control

The building and all the units are heated all year around

Free parking

Free parking for customers infront of the the building

Contact us for more information

+358 50 337 78 32

Kaavakuja 6, Kangasala

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Frequently asked questions and answers

1. You will go to the checkout page, where you can fill in your contact information for the rental agreement and payment.

2. Choose the date you want your rental agreement to start. You can choose a date 21 days in advance.

3. The next step is to pay the first month’s rent with your preferred payment option. The options are credit or debit card or bank payment.

4. After payment, you will get an SMS (text) message to sign a rental agreement digitally and a confirmation SMS to confirm successful signing and payment.

5. You will get an SMS on the day your rental agreement starts to download the app, which you can use to open the front door of the storage building and your unit door.

6. You can move your belongings to your storage unit whenever you want.

You get access in about 5 minutes after paying the first month’s rent.

You get instructions to download our app that you can use to open the front door and also your unit door.

With this automatic system, you can move in and bring your belongings today.

The building is open to customers 24 hours a day, so you can choose a convenient time for you.

You can pay with a credit or debit card or with bank payment. If you use a credit or debit card, the rent payments are automatic in the future.
We can help you change to a bigger or smaller unit without additional costs. If you find out that you need a different unit size, contact our customer support, and we will help you.

Thinking about size of the unit?

Kaavakuja – 10m²

Example: 4 beds, two sofas, 50 boxes, tables, chairs, miscellaneous things, two bikes.
Price is 239€ / month

Kaavakuja – 8m²

Example: 2 beds, two sofas, 50 boxes, tables, chairs, miscellaneous things, two bikes.
The price is 199€ / month

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